creative front end developer, writer, music nerd.
Hi 👋. My name's Dom and I'm a Front-end Developer currently working at Series Eight. In the past, I have worked at Rowe IT, GOSS Interactive, n9Design and Logo CCP.
Over my time in design agencies and private sector work, I have gathered a knowledge for all round user experience, whilst incorporating accessibility and creativity as a standard in my work. You can see a more indepth account of my work history on my resume. My current role at Series Eight as a Front-End Developer allows me to work on a wide range of technologies and processes.

I make consistent updates to this site; both with the visuals and with the content. I treat this site as a playground to try out things I have learnt or want to get using. I am constantly writing in my blog here, or putting together small projects on CodePen.


Latest track from Last.FM: Chokehold by Sleep Token
Over the past 7 days, I've also listened to IDLES, Turnstile, grandson, Foo Fighters, Jamie Lenman, Frightened Rabbit, Hot Milk, 3TEETH & Mick Gordon and Bring Me the Horizon
Current working as: Front-End Developer for Series Eight
Currently reading:
  • A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham
  • We're Living Through The Breakdown by Tatton Spiller
  • One Good Deed by David Baldacci