weeknotes: february 21 - 27, 2022

Published: 27 Feb 2022 About 1 min to read

Professional #

  1. According to my site analytics my latest post has a personal best number of views, which makes me very happy that it’s being read.
  2. Started planning my next post on React components.
  3. Finished off an accessibility audit on my Rowe IT teams project.
  4. My codepen for a info/error/warning component that I put together got picked by Codepen which was a great achievement for me. See it here.

Personal #

  1. As of Friday, I have walked approximately 25,989 steps.
  2. I took a yoga class at the gym, and later on in the week did a mixture of bodyweight and free weight exercises.
  3. Been playing ‘Animals’ by Muse on the guitar, not played the song in years and took some remembering, but definetely improved on it!

Reading #

  1. The Daily Stoic
  2. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
  3. Lukas Oppermann - Naming Design Tokens

Music #