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  1. Replacing GSAP with Scroll Animations
    I was interested in picking up some new CSS tricks, and there’s been a lot of talk recently about scroll driven animations. Feeling inspired during a weekend away, I dug around on Codepen for some and came across a pen from Ryan Mulligan that helped me to understand it better
  2. Selecting all siblings with the :has() function
    It's been tricky to get to all an elements siblings before, but with :has() it's simple!
  3. Making variable fonts fit your site theme
    Don't like some of the colors used on a variable font? Don't stand for it (...unless the options aren't provided anyway, in which case fall in line)
  4. Truncating text with line-clamp
    Hiding the overflow of content can sometimes work, but the line-clamp property can be more efficient, and look nicer!
  5. CSS Object-Fit Property
    A super quick insight into the object-fit property
  6. Level Up Your Styles With CSS Variables
    Let's do a quick dive into CSS variables and see what they can offer us.